• We are concerned with the desperate measures taken by school boards to consolidate schools, thereby eliminating opportunities for students to participate in after-school sports, clubs, teams or work.
  • We are concerned with the down-sizing trend that closes schools, displaces community school education and often forces our children to endure long, grueling commutes to school, some of over 4 hours/ day.
  • We are concerned that the "super-schools" environment is over-whelming and intimidating for some of our students, students who would thrive in a smaller school but are compelled to make a sometimes difficult and not always, successful transition.
  • We are concerned that these sudden and unexpected "Closure List" announcements have shaken our communities to their core and have taken away the freedom of people to chose to live in a rural community as lifestyle disadvantages are becoming increasing severe.
  • We are concerned that small towns and villages, many of which are single school communities, will lose their employee base as families reject the educational situation available and that this exodus will kill businesses and industry and, consequently, the community itself.
  • We are concerned that our schools which represent genuine "community hubs," schools which function as meeting places and activity centres, are being closed without consideration of the wider societal and social implications for our smaller towns and villages.
  • We are concerned about the lack of vision shown in shuttering heritage schools in towns and cities which have a long historic connection to the community, the students and alumni.
  • We are also concerned about the relationship that has developed between school boards across the province and their electorate, citizens who trust in the democratic process and yearn for an opportunity to be heard and engaged in a meaningful and respectful way. We mourn the passing of democratic opportunities for citizens to express their solutions or objections in a forum where they have a right to be heard and we find dictatorial decision-making to be unacceptable.